Dog Rescued From Puppy Mill Is Introduced To a Friend To Signal a ‘New Beginning’


Ruggles dog, the Shih Tzu puppy, was rescued from a puppy mill and taken to a place where he could start a brand new life. He was introduced to a new friend to signal this new beginning, and this unlikely pal was also rescued from an unfortunate situation. Chompers the kitten was found alone under a porch when she was just two days old.

Watch below as they meet for the first time,

Ruggles and Chompers

Despite their bumpy start in life, Ruggles and Chompers are happy and healthy and have both been adopted into loving forever homes! Ruggles became the official ambassador for the shelter that rescued him, the Cherokee County Animal Shelter. The pup now visits schools to educate children about puppy mills and shelter dogs.

A note from the YouTube video page about their adoptions: “For those wondering why they weren’t adopted together” that was the shelter’s original plan, but Chompers (true to her name!) got too rough with little Ruggles, and due to his health issues, it was determined that it was in the best interest of both animals to be adopted separately. They are both happy and much loved!

Ruggles and Chompers

This vet walks around the streets of California to treat homeless peoples’ animals for free

California doctor criticizes a dog

The world looks so wonderful when there is kindness and love. And the actions of this California-based vet simply restore faith in humanity. Meet Kwane Stewart – the street vet; a kind man who helps homeless people for free.

A furry companion doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor. Their love is pure and unconditional. However, for the pets of those living on the streets, life is sometimes quite tough, with no medical care available when needed. That’s why this hero stepped in and decided to make life easier for these people and their beloved four-legged companions.

beginning of doctor California :

It all started in 2011, when the now 49-year-old veterinarian, afraid of the growing number of homeless animals, knew he had to do something. And his mission is simple: to help as many homeless people and their pets as he can!

“Before I knew it, I had a whole line,” Stewart told CNN. “There was something about it that I loved. I did it one more time before I decided to just take it to the streets and walk to homeless people instead of waiting for them to come to me. ” And since then, the friendly vet has been walking the streets of California to help. Even if he is sometimes small, his gestures bring so much joy to the souls of those he helps.

Over the years, Stewart treated over 400 animals and he did it for free. Recently, however, he created a GoFundMe page where other kind people help him with his mission.

Stewart says this incredible experience has helped him see the world through different eyes and also surpass his own prejudices. “I had my own preconceptions … about homeless people before I started doing this work, ” he said. “You just make assumptions about their history without knowing anything about them at all. You learn very quickly that you have no idea what brought them there.”

The vet says some of the stories moved him so much. “I have seen the most authentic stories of love, compassion, struggle, and hope,” he said. “These homeless people take even better care of their pets than we do. When they own a pet, it creates this generosity. They always make sure their pet is fed. “

Stewart finds his motivation and inspiration in these incredible stories. And that makes him even hungrier to succeed. To make a difference! “Giving a little can make all the difference,” said the vet. A TV show called “The Street Vet” featuring his journey will air soon!