Why my cat gets jealous when I pet my other cat?


My cat gets jealous when I pet my other cat

my cat gets jealous when I pet my other cat. If you’ve ever owned more than one cat at a time, you’re probably well aware of cat jealousy. Cats can become jealous for several reasons. But I have to say that in my experiences, cats that get jealous of other cats might be at the top of the list. As cat owners, seeing our cats get along with each other is high on our priority list. And it can upset us deeply if our cats can’t seem to make things work. Is your cat the jealous type? Discover the causes of this cat behavior and follow my suggestions to build a lasting friendship between your two cats.

First of all, why do cats get jealous?

Like us, cats can show jealousy quickly if they feel like they’re being left out of a situation or environment. For example, think about when you close the door on your feline friend. She could quickly become mad with jealousy and meow, paw under the door…

For your cat, he is a micromanager by nature. It’s in their DNA to want to know what’s happening and when it’s happening, at all times. If they feel left out, they might be quick to express themselves through aggression or fear. And think about how jealous people act out of fear. They react to deal with what troubles them. Cats are the same in this way.

Also, cats can quickly show jealousy if you start paying attention to something or someone other than them. People often wonder: why does my cat sit on my computer keyboard? Well, the answer is simple! They are jealous! This desperate “watch out for me!” yelling for help should be a clear indication to you as the owner that they want your attention, and they mean it meow.

And when it comes to paying attention to another cat above them, it can quickly plant a seed of jealousy that can grow quickly if you’re not proactive about it. Your cat might even show his jealousy of that other cat by picking on him, or even you.

The interesting fact about cat jealousy: If your cat was poorly socialized as a kitten, this could lead to a cat that easily becomes co-dependent on you and often displays signs of jealousy.




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