Tips for improving communication skills


Communication skills
Tips for improving communication skills

Effective communication skills tips:

For improving communication skills, the following factors must be considered:

• It is important to make a meaningful contribution to the conversation in order to have a clear purpose and objective for the conversation.

• Develop effective non-verbal communication skills. The right smile, eye contact, posture, handshakes create a positive impact.

• Make appropriate gestures with the hands and face.

• While speaking and listening, making appropriate eye contact, and looking into the eyes of the person we are chatting with can create a significant impact and make the interaction more fruitful as it arouses interest and courage.

• Being confident is very important.


• Try to break down the barriers that exist in the communication process.

• Be clear and concise.

• Be firm on your opinions, views, ideas, and suggestions so that they can be conveyed with confidence.

•Make sure your words, gestures, facial expressions, and tone match each other.

• Analyze the audience before communication.

• Getting the right message to the right person is important. because what is essential or useful for one person may not be for another.


• Develop effective polling skills by asking the right questions.

• Take the initiative yourself. Don’t wait for suppliers, customers, buyers, etc. call you. Instead, call them, take the initiative to start the conversation. This helps to establish healthy and effective two-way communication between the two parties.

• Try to highlight the critical points.

• Learn the art of handling difficult conversations.

• Make sure you give and receive appropriate feedback.

• If the message is too long, disorganized, or contains errors, it can often be misunderstood, confusing, and misinterpreted.


• Practicing good communication skills every day is important because “Practice makes a man perfect.”

In addition to the above attributes, a good communicator also focuses on the following factors to improve their communication skills:

1. Interpersonal skills:

• These skills are used in a face-to-face conversation with one or more people. For effective interpersonal skills, not only verbal communication and effective speaking are vital, but also our voice, non-verbal cues, gestures, facial expressions, body language, appearance, and active listening skills are important.

• The advantage of having good interpersonal skills is that it allows us to contribute effectively in groups and teams and to become a “team player”.

• It builds a strong relationship with other group members and leads to better communication and rapport with others.

• Good interpersonal skills also help improve our problem-solving and decision-making ability.


2. Presentation skills:

o Although we can use this skill infrequently, for any management student who intends to become a future entrepreneur, effective presentation skill is essential.

o There will be times in your life when you will need to present information to your customers, employees, buyers, unions, sellers, government employees, suppliers, agents, or even the community at large.

o It can be an individual or a group of people in a formal or informal setting.

o Effective presentation skills require good planning, preparation, and practice.


3. Writing skills:

For any manager, communication skills are not only limited to direct face-to-face verbal/non-verbal interactions with others but also good written communication.

It involves the ability to write in a clear, concise, and effective manner.

This is to avoid grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, knowledge of formal and informal writing styles/techniques, and the importance of structure in any letter or business report.


4. Personal skills:

It emphasizes improving self-esteem, building self-confidence, developing a positive attitude, knowing anger management and stress management techniques, which helps to maintain a healthy body and mind and to develop positive feelings about ourselves, and helps to improve our communication skills.

• Good personal skills also help a person cope with difficult situations like dealing with aggression and communicating in difficult situations.


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